Our Story

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When 17-year-olds Izzy Lapidus and Lilah Segal-Angel attended the Gen She Makeathon at the start of 2020, they were two girls from opposite sides of the country with a passion for entrepreneurship. When they met and started talking, they immediately found a shared vision and wanted to bring it to life. The vision was for a female-powered enterprise, one run by girls like themselves, young enough to be experiencing the flaws in their education system in real time. They saw the need for STEM education and female empowerment in the face of standardized, non gender-inclusive curricula. Within 24 hours, First Empower was born.

When Lilah and Izzy returned home, they got straight to work. They asked Julia Stern and Olivia Wohlgemuth to join the team. Having been long-time friends with both of them, Izzy saw their passion, curiosity, and organizing experiences as assets to the team. 


We know firsthand the power of STEM education for young girls. In our school system, STEM taught to girls by women is hard to find. We have set out to shape a future in which young girls everywhere have the opportunity to be empowered through STEM. This is only the beginning. 

Will you join us?


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