Meet The FE Team

Meet the young women behind First Empower


Izzy Lapidus

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

Izzy Lapidus is 17 years old, based in NYC, and will be attending Barnard College of Columbia University in the fall. Izzy is committed to completely re-envisioning STEM through exposing girls to STEM and womxn role models from a young age. Follow her on Instagram (@izzylapidus) to learn more about her work.


Lilah Segal-Angel

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Lilah is 18 years old, based in San Francisco, CA, and just finished her sophomore year at City College of San Francisco. She is studying economics and  will be transferring to a 4-year university this fall. Lilah sees her unconventional path as inspiration to work towards educational, gender, and economic justice.


Olivia Wohlgemuth

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Olivia Wohlgemuth is 17 years old, based in NYC, and will be attending Oberlin College in the fall. She organizes in the youth climate movement, focusing on climate education. She is passionate about uplifting youth voices and empowering younger generations to change the world through innovative education.


Julia Stern

Co-Founder & Chief Branding Officer

Julia Stern is 18 years old, based in Acton, Massachusetts and will be attending Swarthmore college in the fall to study Biology, Computer Science, and Public policy. She enjoys doing yoga, working at her job at a bagel shop, and video editing for her YouTube channel and First Empower.


Camilla Ffrench

Video Editor

Camilla Ffrench is a 17 year old photographer, videographer, animator, and lover of STEM. Next year, she plans to take a gap year to work as the Creative Director of the band LAUNDRY DAY. Camilla is passionate about inspiring others through art, so she enjoys animating for First Empower as an integration of her passions.