The Visionary Package

Get your STEM on today with our DIY STEMtivities!

In May, we began selling our DIY STEMtivities, accessible experiments and projects made for young girls to explore STEM at home. Our STEMtivities provide creative and informative lenses into a wide range of topics such as molecules and states of matter, density, simple machines, and the concept of infinity.


Each STEMtivity comes with instructions, key terms and background information, and a short video in which one of our team members explains the concepts and implications of the activity. These are STEM lessons that are made for young girls and taught by young women. 

Buy The Visionary Package for $14.99 to own all 9 of our STEMtivities, to use and share however and whenever you’d like! Your purchase will also be supporting the growth of our enterprise and future initiatives.

Please download via computer.


Check out an example STEMtivity below: